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Power Hour Session 5.
Performance management –

Developing dispersed teams

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October 25, 2023

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Meet the Speakers

  • Barbra Gago is the Founder and CEO at Pando. She spent her career as a CMO building and scaling companies from pre-series A to scale-up mode. In her career she brought companies like Culture Amp and Greenhouse to market, and prior to founding Pando she was the CMO at Miro leading the re-brand from RealtimeBoard to Miro and scaling the business from $3m to $50m in ARR in just under 2 years.

    Barbra Gago is the Founder and CEO at Pando, the first employee progression platform. Prior to founding Pando, Barbra was the CMO at Miro where she led the re-brand from RealtimeBoard to Miro in 2018, and scaled the business from $3 to $50m in just under 2 years. Barbra was also the first head of marketing at Culture Amp and Greenhouse bringing both products to market and initial scale. Having worked at the intersection of people tech and future of work for over 10 years she’s expert at building high performing teams, processes and programs that result in effective, rapid scale and meaningful business outcomes.

    Barbra Gago
    Founder & CEO

  • Jenni Field
    Founder and Director, Business Communications Strategist
    Redefining Communications

  • Linda Jonas is a performance consultant, management trainer and workshop facilitator on a mission to create human friendly performance cultures.

    For a decade she helped build and grow the performance management startup Small Improvements from before the first paying customer to a global success.

    Together with Jason Lauritsen, she founded Check-In To Thrive, a leadership training company developing high performing cultures that improve employee’s lives by harnessing the power of relationship and connection.

    Her years of living and working as a digital nomad throughout the US, Canada, Australia and Europe made Linda an avid remote work evangelist.

    Thanks to her insights into global approaches, expansive network and awareness of cultural differences Linda is a perfect partner for international teams and New Work initiatives.

    Linda Jonas
    Check-in to thrive


  • 4pm BST

    Intro from Matt Manners

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    A talk from..

    Jenni Field
    Founder and Director, Business Communications Strategist
    Redefining Communications

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    A talk from..

    Barbra Gago
    Founder & CEO

  • 4:25 BST

    A talk from..

    Linda Jonas
    Check-in to thrive

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About the event

The Inspiring Workplaces Power hour is a 7 part series of themed online sessions delivering key insights, inspiration, advice and knowledge from industry experts. 1 hour long virtual sessions to inject energy into your day.

Join us for our fifth Power Hour of the series: Performance management: Developing dispersed teams.

Successful dispersed teams rely on clear communication, shared goals and objectives, and a sense of connection between team members. By embracing the benefits of a dispersed workforce, such as increased diversity and flexibility, companies can tap into new talent pools, improve work-life balance, and boost productivity.

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