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Power Hour Session 4.

How to Create Inspiring Leadership.

September 13, 2023

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About the event

The Inspiring Workplaces Power hour is a 7 part series of themed online sessions delivering key insights, inspiration, advice and knowledge from industry experts. 1 hour long virtual sessions to inject energy into your day.

Join us for our fourth Power Hour of the series: How to create Inspiring Leadership throughout your organisation

Inspiring leaders set expectations, empower and support employees, demonstrate genuine care, and promote growth and development opportunities. Inspiring leaders lead by example and communicate openly to create a culture of trust, collaboration, and motivation.

Meet the Speakers

  • Three keys to inspirational leadership
    The art of leading and managing is changing quickly, and we are in the midst of a workplace transformation not seen since the Industrial Revolution. For this section, we will be joined by Craig Forman, Founder of CultureC Consulting and former Lead People Scientist at Culture Amp, who will share what he sees as the three most important aspects of building inspirational leadership.
    For well over a decade Craig’s work has been driven by a singular professional purpose: to help the world work better by improving the places we work. Working for and learning from some of the most highly successful and human-focused organizations to help companies build healthy, effective workplace cultures.

    Craig spent six of these years as the Lead People Scientist at Culture Amp where he helped to build one of the most influential and impactful organizations in the people and culture space. This work centered around helping organizations collect, understand and take action on employee data, both reliably and at scale. Additionally, he led Experience Design for the Culture First Global conference for over four years and is also a respected community builder, having designed and launched Culture Amp’s award-winning Culture First global community, now over 100 chapters world-wide.

    Craig holds a Masters degree in Industrial / Organizational Psychology, and is a proud veteran of the US Air Force.

    Craig Forman
    CEO / Founder
    CultureC Consulting (Formerly Lead People Scientist, Culture Amp)

  • How Employee Insights & AI Can Facilitate Leadership Development at Scale

    The impact managers have on employee experience is just one of the reasons why Gartner reports 60% of HR leaders cite improving manager effectiveness as their top priority. And while being a great manager is essential for creating a great employee experience, it is not easy. This presentation will delve into what managers need to thrive in today’s workplace and why they need new approaches to coaching and development to combat growing pressures. Learn how AI-infused coaching and behavioral nudges might be the winning recipe.

    Michael is a Principal Consultant with Perceptyx where he provides thought leadership and strategic consulting to clients around their listening strategies, survey design, results analysis, and reporting. Michael also provides best practice guidance on the product development and implementation of the Perceptyx Cultivate platform.   

    Before joining Perceptyx Michael founded his own company, Mian Talent Solutions (MTS), which provided talent assessment and organizational diagnostic services to city and county governments and small businesses. Prior to forming MTS, Michael held several roles at Mercer including Principal and Director of Consulting where he designed and implemented leadership assessments and employee survey solutions for Fortune 500 clients. 

    Michael has over 20 years of global experience in the talent management space. He has delivered presentations and webinars on competency design, employee engagement, leadership assessment and development, and has lectured at the university level on a variety of topics related to organizational culture, leadership, and employee assessment and measurement. 

    Michael has a Ph.D. in Industrial/Organizational Psychology from the University of South Florida. He lives in Orlando, Florida with his wife and two kids.

    Michael Mian, Ph.D.
    Principal Consultant

  • Leading from the heart – how connection transforms us and our teams

    How do we as leaders understand and regulate our human physiology to achieve better outcomes and a healthier working life for ourselves and our teams.

    Fiona is the founder of Organisational Alchemy and Thrive Change whose missions are to bring a more human centred approach to the world of work and unleash more magic in business.

    She works at the leading edge of organisational culture and human development. By tapping the power of purpose and understanding human physiology she supports individuals and businesses in fulfilling their potential and navigating uncertain times. A degree in Systems Engineering along with training in organisational constellations enables her to take a systemic, wholehearted approach to transforming businesses. She supports businesses and teams in reigniting their collective imagination and guides them to explore the intersection of culture, purpose and human wellbeing to build better places to work and create remarkable outcomes. 

    Fiona has worked across the world with all sectors to guide and equip leaders with greater awareness of their day-to-day cultural environment and then designs creative impactful solutions to transform behaviors and ways of working across the entire organization. Through over 20 years of experience in applying the power of storytelling she relishes designing human-centred solutions based on purpose, connection, and emotional intelligence skills.

    Fiona holds a Master’s in Public Administration from Harvard’s Kennedy School of Government, is a certified Heart Math coach and holds a patent in Narrative Based Organisational Assessment. A mother of two boys she’s committed to shepherding in a new model of leadership for the modern workplace. 

    Fiona Hiscocks
    Organisational Alchemy & Thrive Change

  • Skills IntelligenceThe Future ofWorkforce Optimisation

    Anne Fulton, Author of The Career Engagement Game – A Blueprint for Workforce Agility, worked 20 years as an Organizational Psychologist and is currently Founder and CEO of Fuel50. Josh Bersin, Global HR Industry Analyst, describes Fuel50 as the leader in its thinking, conceptualization, and execution of the Talent Marketplace. Anne is recognized as a Talent Futurist, with her global team of over 100 ‘Fuellies’ supporting some of the world’s leading organizations and brands such as United Nations, Verizon, HPE, Coca-Cola and CVS, and many more who are championing best-in-class employee career experiences. Anne is a true thought-leader in the HR space and has been described by SIOP as “one of the best keynotes I have heard over the last three decades of attending conferences in our field.” 

    Anne Fulton

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