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Power Hour
Employee Voice:
The age of the listening organisation 

June 4, 2024

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Meet the Speakers

  • With 25 years of experience in management consulting, leadership advice and strategy, David Bellamy has a deep understanding of the human aspects of work and the challenges leaders face in creating a positive environment. 

    David is Founder & CEO of Harkn, the employee listening tool that’s on a mission to empower every voice, shape businesses through listening, and foster workplaces where everyone thrives.  

    The platform’s live sentiment analysis and anonymous dialogue capabilities help organisations to hear more of what matters from their people.  After all, no strategy, change initiative, or acquisition can succeed without a motivated and engaged workforce.

    David Bellamy
    Founder & CEO

  • For more than two decades, Mike has been a consultant, blogger and industry agitator with a strong focus on internal and social communication.  A former US political consultant, Mike has lived and worked in seven countries, integrating communication strategy with the use of qualitative research in corporate, NGO and government settings.  Mike is an MBA graduate of London Business School, a Fellow of both the Institute of Internal Communication and the Centre for Strategic Communication Excellence, and is the founder of #WeLeadComms, which celebrates courage, initiative and leadership across the communication profession.

    Mike Klein
    Founder, #WeLeadComms
    Principal, Changing the Terms


  • 4:00pm BST

    Intro from Matt Manners

  • 4:05pm BST

    A talk from..

    David Bellamy, Founder & CEO of Harkn

    The world has changed. How, when, where, and even why we work is being redefined. 

    One thing remains true: Employees are the lifeblood of your organisation. 

    But despite being central to success, many employees’ voices aren’t heard – fuelling the growing crisis in engagement and wellbeing at work. 

    It’s time to embrace a new era. It’s the age of the listening organisation, where every voice is heard, understood, and valued. 

    In the listening organisation, feedback mechanisms are dynamic, inclusive, and responsive, facilitating real-time insights and fostering a culture of continuous dialogue and improvement. 

    This talk will discuss the characteristics of the listening organisation, its inherent competitive advantage, and how businesses can strengthen their listening muscles to hear more of what matters from their people. 


  • 4:25pm BST

    A talk from..

    Mike Klein Founder, #WeLeadComms and Principal, Changing the Terms

    The Two Question Survey

    In this talk Mike will discuss “The Two Question Surrvey”, a simple qualitative approach for surfacing major insights from employees that can be quantified, tracked and acted upon in any organization. Attendees will learn:

    • It’s not always about trying to listen to all employees
    • How to ask the right questions to get great insights even when asking relatively small numbers of people
    • How to combine numbers and words to make leaders’ heads turn
  • 4:45 BST


  • 5pm BST


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