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IW Workshops: How to deliver humanity in our leadership

  • March 18 GMT
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5pm Lagos | 4pm London | 12pm NYC | 9am San Francisco


At the close of 2020, our community of Inspirers came together to predict the focus areas of 2021 and the issues that we needed to address.

Get to know our fellow community of inspirers as we discuss, challenge, and work together finding ways to support one another in tackling the agenda for 2021 and beyond.


Change the world, through the world of work , with us. 

These sessions will give you the chance to be a part of exactly that. Working together to co-create ideas, hints, tips, quick wins, longer term solutions and help ourselves and others create Inspiring Workplaces.

These sessions will run for 52 minutes** exactly.

During the 52 minutes we’ll get to know each other, we’ll collaborate, co-create and work together on ideas and tactics to solve particular issues. The result of which will be a Guide.

You’ll be credited and named in the mini-solution series guides that are produced as a result of these sessions.


Being part of a body of professionals trying to solve industry wide issues that will improve the lives of people and organizational performance all over the world.

A published collaboration guide, featuring you, your advice and your organisation while expanding your network with the Inspiring Workplaces Community.

Check out the outcomes created from the past 2 workshops:


**Research (by DeskTime, a productivity app) has shown us that we’re the most productive if we work for 52 minutes and then take a 17 minute break away from the ‘desk’. So we’ll be running these collaboration sessions for a maximum of 52 minutes before we close and encourage you to also take that reflective break.

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