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IW Workshops: How community will get you through – 2022 and beyond

  • November 24 GMT
  • Online
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“A sense of belonging, connection, shared purpose, feeling like you are connected to a group of people. And that’s the foundation of this work, you need that, that’s the fuel that makes it all work.”  ~ David Spinks, author of The Business of Belonging


5pm Lagos | 4pm London | 12pm NYC | 9am San Francisco


Join us for our next live collaborative session with Ruth Dance on 17th November for 52 minutes* to meet and collaborate with the community as we discuss our anticipated challenges for the next 12 months and how we can work together to solve them. 

A community within a community of people who care about people first. Discussing expected challenges of 2022. Meet and work with like minded people as we work together to support each other.

In just 52 minutes we will: 

  • Share your key priorities and workplace challenges for 2022 
  • Brainstorm ways in how the IW community can help you deliver an inspiring workplace for 2022 and beyond.  
  • Identify who is in your own communities that you’ve built
  • Discuss the benefits of building a community – for personal growth and in the workplace 
  • Explore what’s in it for you being a part of the Inspiring Workplaces Community  


Being part of a body of professionals trying to solve industry wide issues that will improve the lives of people and organizational performance all over the world.

A published collaboration guide, featuring you, your advice and your organisation while expanding your network with the Inspiring Workplaces Community.

Our previous collaborative workshops were a big hit among our community Inspirers.

 4 workshops with 297 Inspirers signed up across 21 countries globally.  

And together we created 441 sticky notes across 8 virtual white boards which resulted in 4 ebooks curated by our community.

*Research (by DeskTime, a productivity app) has shown us that we’re the most productive if we work for 52 minutes and then take a 17 minute break away from the ‘desk’. So we’ll be running these collaboration sessions for a maximum of 52 minutes before we close and encourage you to also take that reflective break.

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