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How to not just survive but thrive through a recession with a unified Digital EX

  • October 6 GMT
  • Online Webinar
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Can AI Automation really increase revenue and productivity?

The new employee experience is the “digital” employee experience, with technology playing a vital role in supporting employees in the moments that matter. But, with an avg of 288 apps per employee in an enterprise company, creating a unified experience is harder than ever. Businesses will face a new challenge in light of an impending recession and HR will need to show quantifiable metrics for these program investments.

Learn how enterprise companies, like Kimberly-Clark and Ciena, have utilized AI automation to consolidate the digital employee experience in addition to increasing revenue and productivity with specific success metrics.

  • Understand how SaaS waste affects your bottom line today and how to eliminate this fruitless spend in the future.
  • Learn how digital employee experience can be streamlined through a personalized digital assistant.
  • See how reducing 80% of your Tier 0 tickets with automation in the first 3 months will increase revenue and efficiency long term.
  • Create seamless workflows across all of your distinct platforms by connecting it all with one conversational virtual assistant.

Consumer-like technology CAN be reflected in the workplace with the Socrates AI experience layer. Make the smart business decision to give your current HR Tech a facelift and see the return on experience.


Melissa Swisher
Chief Revenue Officer and Co-founder

Socrates AI

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