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Date posted: 15th December 2023

15th December 2023

Steering Your Business Through Uncharted Waters: A Leadership Analogy

Steering Your Business Through Uncharted Waters: A Leadership Analogy

This guest blog is written by David Bellamy, Founder & CEO of Harkn – the live and continuous employee voice platform.  

This analogy explores why having a clear understanding of your current reality is essential for delivering on organisational goals. 

The Harkn platform bridges the gap between present and future by providing live and continuous insights from the frontline of your organisation. 

Not only does this give leadership invaluable context, but it encourages collective sensemaking and aligned action.

All Aboard? Let’s Set Sail 

Picture this: We’re on a grand ship, our business vessel, heading out to sea. Our destination? That’s our strategic vision, the dream island we’re all itching to reach.

But, as any seasoned sailor will tell you, knowing where you’re headed is just part of the journey. 

So… Where Exactly Are We? 

Imagine we’ve got this nifty onboard computer. It’s not just for show; it’s constantly telling us crucial stuff – where we are, how much fuel’s left, and if the crew’s feeling seasick. It’s our trusty control panel. 

In our business voyage, this is like keeping a finger on the pulse of our company. Are we on track? Do we need to reroute? 

It gives us that real-time snapshot, so we’re not sailing blind. 

The Happy Crew Myth 

Here’s where things get interesting. On our ship, not everyone’s singing sea shanties and enjoying the breeze – even though those voices feel the loudest.

Some are worried about leaks, storms, or whether we’re even going the right way. In our business, this is like the voices of dissent. Those who point out the negatives of a situation or why a plan might fail.  

So, what can we do about these naysayers? Tell them to walk the plank, right?  

But hold on. What if they’re seeing icebergs we’re not? What if their grumbles are actually valuable insights?  

Those people are on this ship for a reason, and it’s not to sink it. Instead, let’s figure out why they’re worried. It might just save us from hitting a metaphorical iceberg.  

Navigating Troubled Waters 

When we start listening to these diverse voices, it’s like having more eyes scanning the horizon. Maybe they spot a shortcut or a storm to avoid.

It’s about using every viewpoint to steer our ship smarter, not just relying on the captain’s binoculars. 

Safely Docking the Ship 

So, as we pull into our harbour (don’t worry, non-sailors, we’re almost done with the metaphors), remember: our business journey is more than just setting a course.

It’s about knowing where we are, constantly, and really tuning in to our crew. It’s their ship as much as it is ours, and their insights can make the difference between smooth sailing and getting lost at sea. 

Until our next adventure,  

The Harkn team (otherwise known as: your trusty control panel).  

Harkn are revolutionising employee voice, giving leaders immediate access to insights and feedback from across their organisation – no need to wait 3-6 months for survey results. 

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