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Date posted: 05th October 2022

05th October 2022

Meet Inspirathon speaker – Ulrika Brunner

Meet Inspirathon speaker – Ulrika Brunner

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Ulrika has been speaking, facilitating and upskilling people who lead others in various roles for the past ten years. Prior to that she led others directly for 15 years. Today, Ulrika’s work is concentrated in three areas: building a growing business in Asia; developing individual leaders through mentoring; rolling out leadership programmes and learning solutions that bring about behavioural change and help people develop powerful leadership conversations at work.

Why do you do what you do?

Because I get a chance to contribute to other people on a daily basis.

Describe your talk in 100 words

To leave you curiously uplifted and happy to explore further around the role you want to play in life.

What problems will your talk solve for our audience and why is it needed?

You get a chance to reflect and decide where YOU will take action.

What valuable insights, strategies, tools or techniques will our audience walk away with?

Attend the session and you will find out!

What do you think will be the major differentiator of the workplace of the future, as opposed to the way we work today?

The importance of a human centric focus – take the lead and be deliberate about what you will stand for. And practice is daily, authentically.

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