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Date posted: 25th February 2021

25th February 2021

Inspire Club Podcast: EP #10 – Kelly Swingler

Inspire Club Podcast: EP #10 – Kelly Swingler


In this episode we talk with Kelly Swingler. Founder of The Chrysalis Crew.

Kelly is a beacon of positivity and knowledge in HR for many around the world. Kelly is also the co-founder of Inspire: London, the London-focused community of Inspiring Workplaces. We hope to have our first socially-distanced meeting some time in September.

In her chat with Matt, Kelly reveals who inspired her along the way; tips for productivity; a candid insight and reflection on transitioning to a 4 day work week; her likes of Tarantino, the Immaculate Collection and much more.

This episode is powered by Waggl – Waggl is an agile and comprehensive Employee Voice platform that measures, and truly improves engagement.

We hope you enjoy it.