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Date posted: 16th October 2020

16th October 2020

eBook: Inspiring your people in a changing world

eBook: Inspiring your people in a changing world

Research conducted by Bain and published by HBR showed an inspired employee is more productive than an engaged one. So, we asked our 101 influencers the question… How to Inspire people in an ever changing world of work?

Download the eBook to read their views, utilise their advice or to be inspired, whilst being agile in an ever-changing landscape.

Snippets from the eBook

Alex Allen – Get proximate to minorities in your organization. By being proximate in an authentic, vulnerable, and transparent way, leaders learn the minority experience, expand social and emotional intelligence, and begin the journey to leading a diverse and inclusive organization.

Jill Christenson – Turning this around is easier than you think, as employees are also sharing what they need in these turbulent times: more connection, communication, and collaboration.

Aimee Lucas – So much of our work is about finding and fixing the things that are broken in the employee experience. But equally important is taking the time to uncover and share the bright spots happening across the company.

Aaron Hurst – Most leadership programs have tools to help you discover and define your personal purpose. Where they fall short, however, is in sustaining that purpose over weeks, months, and years. That requires a new approach.

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eBook: Inspiring your people in a changing world

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