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Date posted: 19th January 2022

19th January 2022

5 Must Haves to Reduce HR Administration

5 Must Haves to Reduce HR Administration

This is a guest post by Lauren Chiavaroli, Product Manager at Reward Gateway.

Many employees find that a simple “thank you” is lacking from their everyday work. Forward-thinking organizations understand that reward and recognition is crucial to retaining employees, and many are focusing on providing more R&R to their employees.

Although not all R&R is created equally. In the past, a free lunch or round of coffees for the team may have worked. But today, vague and overarching rewards – while well-intended, simply don’t work.

A recent survey of 1,500 employees across the U.S., UK and Australia uncovered that 41% of employees value “choice” when it comes to redeeming rewards from their employers. Rather than a trophy or gift, employees crave rewards that offer flexibility and provide meaning.

And while employees desire personalized rewards, HR departments often struggle to find the perfect reward system; one that provides each employee with a tailored reward experience and streamlines tracking, budgeting and reporting.

In this blog post, you’ll discover the five must-haves for reducing HR admin to help you meet the expectations of your modern workforce and stand out as a top employer.

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