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Date posted: 09th September 2020

09th September 2020

2 out of 3 employees desire more financial support from employers

2 out of 3 employees desire more financial support from employers

Financial wellbeing is a topic rarely mentioned amongst people in organizations. With the topic of finances being a personal subject for many, most employees may feel discouraged to share their financial concerns with their close friends let alone their employers.

However, research from Nudge Global has revealed that 67% of employees would like organisations to help with financial support – an issue which may be amplified due to the Covid-19 pandemic. It is important that employees maintain financially secure as this may heavily impact their productivity and performance.

From the Article:

Just over two-thirds (67%) of employees feel unsupported by their organisation when it comes to financial wellbeing, according to research by Nudge Global.

Its survey, which surveyed more than 2,000 employees and HR professionals, also found as little as just under one in 20 (7%) were confident in speaking with their employee about any financial issues they may be experiencing, with over half (52%) worrying about money at least once a week.

Additionally, a quarter (25%) of employees believe that financial stress has had a detrimental affect on their mental health. Furthermore, 85% of employees cited financial education as extremely important to them, and a further 87% feel being in control of their finances was more important than earning as much as possible.

You can read the article in full online: 67% of employees want more financial wellbeing support from their employers

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