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Aimee O'Leary

Joey Worley, Director of Food and Beverage, Windsor Court Hotel

Joey created NOLA SAFE with the more than 15,000 people that make up the city’s hospitality industry in mind, many of whom rely on a steady pay check to make ends meet. By driving home the message that a commitment to public health leads to economic recovery, NOLA SAFE will ensure those pay checks return and remain at a steady pace. In addition to NOLA SAFE, Joey, along with the rest of the Windsor Court Food & Beverage operations team, stepped up and took on a crushing amount of responsibility to ensure survival and continued operation of the hotel. And when food and beverage outlets were forced to shut down due to state mandates, Joey put his team to work, preparing and donating more than 3,000 meals to families in need, through a partnership with Son of a Saint.

Joey will tell you that the first responders and healthcare workers are the most courageous of those leading us through this pandemic. But, as restaurants and hotels reopen slowly, one can see a similar selfless courage in those leading hospitality workers. Joey and the entire team at Windsor Court understands the anxieties COVID-19 has brought about amongst travellers. They know flying to a destination and staying overnight at a hotel are now far outside of guests’ comfort zones. Joey crafted the leadership message of NOLA SAFE to instil confidence among guests in New Orleans as a destination, since the crux of the program is to unite the hospitality industry under a program of shared standards and messages. When challenges and problems started to mount, Joey jumped to find a solution. He couldn’t sit back and watch because he understood the impacts and implications it would have on his team members, peers and the city of New Orleans as a whole, since so much of the economy is based on tourism and hospitality.


“Joey Worley has been a shining example of what it means to be a leader during unprecedented times. […] The commitment that Joey has shown not just to keeping us accountable and safe but to the entire city of New Orleans is beyond admirable, it is motivating and demonstrates in a real way that one person can dramatically change things for the better for the entire community. Joey’s work on NOLA SAFE is something we in the hospitality industry truly needed. His initiative is nothing short of inspirational”

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