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As we have adapted to working from home during the Covid-19 pandemic, the boundaries between personal and professional life have blurred. But how do you put boundaries back in place as we start to return to the office? Tracy Brower has outlined 5 ways to achieve work-life balance when returning to work post Covid-19.

Tips include: evaluating which work tasks are easier to get done in the office, setting boundaries with family members, setting routines and renewing work friendships.

From the Article: 

Set a boundary

Ask your family members to respect your boundaries as you get back to the office. Being home all day, every day likely resulted in easy communication with your spouse, partner or family. When you grabbed coffee between meetings, you were able to check in about what was for dinner or as you worked at your kitchen table, you were able to touch base with your children about their activities. As you get back to the office, you may want more separation. Ask family members to contact you only if it’s really important and put off personal life a bit—until you’re outside working hours. You don’t necessarily need full separation, but you may want to retrain yourself and your loved ones to put a few more limits on your daily contact.

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