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For today’s talk from our 6-week-long Summer Series: 25 minute daily talks all throughout June, we had a session with Mike Winters, Vice President / Program Manager, Bank of America

The Academy at Bank of America – Measuring the Employee Experience through Teammate Voices

Your people are your most important asset, and it’s more important than ever to meet the needs of employees, continue engaging with them and understanding their sentiment.

During this session, Mike Winters provided an inside look into how Bank of America’s award-winning onboarding, coaching and development program, The Academy, launched a dynamic platform to drive accountability and continuous improvement by gathering teammate feedback on their learning program experiences. One of the most important things businesses can do to inform training and development strategies for the future is listen to their employees. The Academy serves more than 80,000 employees, so Bank of America are constantly learning from their teammates and can continue to get better.

Teammate Voices connects the employee experience to customer experience, creating a common framework for business partners and leaders to assess and create meaningful program changes based on teammate feedback.

Mike spoke about:

  • Using employee voice to drive innovation and improve their learning program experiences
  • The three resources Bank of America use to capture employee voice and collect constant feedback
  • Close the loop processing: immediate alerts for feedback that needs a resolution
  • The results – engagement, satisfaction, role preparedness and more
  • and more

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