For World Mental Health Day, we compiled a guide on how to support the mental health of your people during these challenging times. Download Here.

Guest Blogs

Doing the right thing

Last week, in an act of courage, Star Wars actor, 28-year old John Boyega did the right thing. The British […]

Gen X and Y – mind the gap

In a world where our workforce is more agile, autonomous and disengaged than ever before, Generation X business leaders need […]

Supporting Women Returners in the Workplace

Supporting Women Returners in the Workplace Supporting employees is always a current topic, but who supports employees returning to work after maternity leave or a parental career break - Women Returners? Not all organisations have a big shiny [...]

Is IC measuring the ‘wrong’ thing?

Measuring the impact internal communication has on business results is the profession’s holy grail. Research shows that currently, internal communication practitioners rely on employee engagement surveys to measure their impact. 73% put is as their preferred measurement tool followed by Intranet or online analytics [...]

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