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Covid-19 has forced us to think about our work from home station, and fast. Even work from home regulars have had to think about upgrading as home working is here to stay. But an office set up can be expensive.

In this article Ashira Prossack gives 5 ways to upgrade your home workspace that won’t break the bank.

From the Article:

Use your TV as an external monitor.

Tired of staring at your small laptop screen all day? You don’t have to purchase an external monitor – your TV works just as well. All you need is an HDMI cable and a wireless keyboard, and possibly an HDMI adapter. While some laptops have HDMI ports built in, many newer PC models require either a Mini DisplayPort or USB-C adapter. For Macs, it’s typically either a Lighting to HDMI or Apple DisplayPort adapter. A quick google search will tell you what you need.

You can also use your TV as a second monitor if you want to have some extra visual workspace. Choose the option to extend your screen rather than viewing it on a second monitor. Using this option really comes in handy when you’re creating content or working on a complicated project as you can have all of your files open and viewable in the same place.

Build yourself a standing desk.

You don’t have to shell out hundreds of dollars for a fancy standing desk. Chances are, you already have a DIY solution in your own home – an ironing board. While it’s not as sturdy or quite as adjustable as a standing desk is, it’s certainly a more economical solution, as an added bonus it folds neatly out of the way when not in use. Be sure to put your laptop away when it’s not in use, as you don’t want to risk it getting knocked off the ironing board and meeting an untimely and expensive demise.

You can also purchase an adjustable laptop stand that sits on your desk and can be raised and lowered to customizable heights. This can be quite useful if you do a lot of video conferencing, as it allows you to easily position your laptop at a good camera angle. If you’re handy, you can always build a laptop stand yourself.

You can read the article in full online: 5 Ways To Upgrade Your Home Workspace That Won’t Break The Bank

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