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How do I successfully implement my Employee Engagement strategy? Who can I trust to help me? These are the eternal questions that all practitioners ask themselves.

One of the best routes to achieving internal engagement is via trusted suppliers or experts. But which one to choose?

This is why we have created this Vendor Directory. To help you. Give you a quick overview of those vendors and agencies that we trust to be able to support you in improving your workplace. Whether communications, benefits, on-boarding, diversity, wellbeing, brand, etc.

See below the range of services that we recommend.

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Achievers provides customers with easy and actionable communication strategies that align with your business goals and initiatives. Support the diversity of employee work environments and preferences and enable every employee to fully participate in company culture from anywhere.

Name: AllianceHCM

Organizational Purpose: AllianceHCM is committed to providing the latest workforce management technology backed by the most personalized customer service in the industry. We help all businesses nationwide with their payroll and human capital management (HCM) needs, and we do it with our all-in-one payroll, tax, and benefits management solution.

Some of our clients include restaurant franchisees ( and medium-sized businesses, and we meet their unique needs in part through custom integrations to the software or platforms they’re already using. Those integrations help clients daily with applicant tracking, onboarding, enterprise resource planning, scheduling, benefits enrollments and management, earned wage access, and syncing with point-of-sale systems.

We’ve been in business since 1989 and have become one of the US’s largest privately-held HCM software providers because we listen to our users. Since the beginning, we’ve offered unrivaled support to our clients, and more than 95% of our system updates have originated from suggestions made by our clients. If a client has an idea for eliminating data entry, saving time in a process, or otherwise making life easier for them and their employees, we listen. Their voice is our victory; we’re here to ensure they can create the most successful business possible.

Name: Benefex

Organizational Purpose: Benefex believes that everyone deserves an exceptional experience at work, every day. We’re on a mission to transform how people experience work.

Our purpose is to help our customers inspire, care for and keep the very best people by putting them at the centre of vital, personalised experiences. Our technology, OneHub, is the world’s only full-service platform for employee benefits and rewards, delivering exceptional employee experiences to millions of employees around the world, every day.

Name: Blueboard

Organizational Purpose: Blueboard is the world’s largest experiential marketplace for curated employee rewards and recognition. We make it easy for companies to give experiential employee rewards, incentives, and gifts—from one-of-a-kind to once-in-a-lifetime experiences (think skydiving, dining through Michelin stars, learning to blow glass, or chasing the Northern Lights). We support enterprise workforces across 70 countries and partner with hundreds of Best Places to Work including Abbott’s Diabetes Care, Mixpanel, Segment, Glassdoor, Shake Shack, GoPro, and Ubisoft to help them celebrate their people in a more meaningful way.

With over 500 customers spanning SMB, midmarket, and enterprise deals across multiple verticals, including manufacturing, healthcare, technology, financial services, e-commerce, insurance, and consumer goods, we have built a strong reputation for excellence in customer service for experiential employee rewards and recognition. Learn more at


Cornerstone OnDemand

Culture Amp

Employ Inc.

Name: Clair

Organizational Purpose: Our mission is to bring financial confidence to America’s workforce by eliminating barriers that prevent them from becoming financially free. We do this by allowing them to access their pay every day, immediately after they clock out of their shift. With Clair, hourly workers don’t have to wait for a biweekly paycheck anymore. They can choose to withdraw their earnings any day of the week – giving them complete control over the money they’ve earned.

Tactically, we partner with leading Payroll and Time & Attendance providers to offer an embedded tool within their platforms. Combining their data and Clair’s proprietary On-Demand Pay technology, we can offer hourly workers a portion of their earned hours every day when they clock out, for free, all with the tap of a button.

Name: Cornerstone OnDemand

Organizational Purpose: In short, Cornerstones main purpose is to power the future ready workforce that can adapt, grow and succeed together, and make a positive impact on the world. It was with this in mind that we built our AI-powered and skills-forward system, and w are proud to say we deliver the only skills-forward, AI-powered, experiential HR technology for the modern workforce. Each piece of our adaptive HR software is designed to unite people, teams, technology, and business.

We are the all people data titans and our purpose-built AI engines bring together the data of 75M users across content, skills and experiences and integrate external data from everywhere to improve efficiency for talent leaders and create better experiences for people. Today, we are developing a system of work that unifies people, business and technology to create an environment that inspires growth, productivity and success for all.

Name: Culture Amp

Organizational Purpose: Culture Amp is the global platform leader for employee experience, empowering more than 25 million employees across over 6,000 companies to create a better world of work by transforming employee engagement, developing high-performing teams, and retaining talent via cutting-edge research, powerful technology, and the largest employee dataset in the world.

Because over 923 million questions have been asked on our platform to date, Culture Amp is in a unique position to build the features that we know organizations are aching for, while assisting them in benchmarking their performance against other organizations in-platform.

Name: Employ Inc.

Organizational Purpose: Recruiters are still confronting a dramatic shift since the onset of COVID-19 when the world faced job losses, layoffs, and staffing reductions. Today, companies are juggling extensive organizational turnover, while increasing staffing levels and trying to keep up with the demands of rapid hiring. Worker confidence is also at an all-time high, as nearly half of workers are actively looking for a new job or plan to within the following year.

Finding and attracting high-quality candidates in today’s extremely tight labor market is the toughest challenge facing talent acquisition teams. And this new reality has made it clear that recruiters can no longer engage in old practices to remain competitive.

Employ Inc. empowers organizations of all sizes to overcome their greatest recruiting and talent acquisition challenges. Offering a combination of purpose-built, intelligent technologies, services, and industry expertise, Employ provides SMB to global enterprises with a single solution for recruiting and growing a diverse workforce through its JazzHR, Lever, Jobvite and NXTThing RPO brands. Businesses need scalable and efficient recruitment solutions more than ever before and the right combination of technology and services can help companies confidently achieve recruiting goals.





Name: Enboarder

Organizational Purpose: Enboarder’s mission is to build better human connections at work. We do that by creating better human connections in your organization, inviting engagement and building alignment along every step of the employee experience — from onboarding to learning and development, performance management, career growth, organizational change, and every moment and milestone along the way.

Enboarder cuts through the noise of daily communications and elevates the things that matter most in your organization with interactive, actionable nudges that drive behavior, spark joy, and nurture a culture of connection and belonging.

Name: Firstup

Organizational Purpose: The employee experience isn’t just one thing. It’s thousands, millions, even billions of moments. Some are big career milestones. Others will be forgotten in minutes.

But there’s one thing these moments have in common: A lot of your workforce isn’t loving them. Employees are overloaded with information. Overwhelmed by hundreds of apps. They’re burned out, stressed out, doing less and caring less.

So what will it take to fix this? The same thing it takes to fix any relationship…Communication.

We don’t mean more emails and DMs. We mean better communication. Intelligent communication. Communication that gives each employee what they need. That listens to how they respond, and reads between the lines. That gives your company insight into how your people are feeling throughout their journey. So you can actually improve their experience…moment by moment.

That’s what Firstup does.

And why it’s the world’s first intelligent communications platform.

Name: Fuel50

Organizational Purpose: Fuel50 is a transparent talent and opportunity marketplace to meet the business needs for re-skilling, succession, redeployment and leadership development. Scalable and future-proofed, our gamified tools help organizations inspire employees and increase engagement, retention and productivity, while our data-rich, science-based career solution empowers employees and organizations to better match talents with workforce needs in an agile way. Fuel50 is the only solution that helps employees find greater fulfilment in their work while creating agile, proactive organizations capable of answering any talent or business challenge.

We are constantly looking for new ways to enhance and support people who are at the heart of our platform, and in early 2022, we have revolutionized the Talent Marketplace category with coach-matching, which truly democratizes internal coaching in a way that has not been done before. While other vendors may connect employees to external coaches, it is an expensive model. Fuel50 enables an internal coaching marketplace to support peer-to-peer learning, skills coaching and reverse mentoring at a much lower price point.

Name: Gloat

Organizational Purpose: The pace of business change is increasing relentlessly. Today, organizations have to stay ready to act and react instantly to market volatility, new competitive entrants, and the dynamic needs of their talent. Agility is critical for success, but challenging to achieve, particularly at an enterprise scale. That’s where we come in. Gloat’s mission is to change the way the world works, breaking down organizational silos, unlocking growth potential, and democratizing access to opportunity for every employee.

With Gloat, businesses can move like a startup and deliver like an enterprise. We’ve built a Workforce Agility Platform that enables leaders and managers to tap into the skills, aspirations, and bandwidth of their talent to deliver against priorities. This simultaneously gives employees access and agency to develop their careers within your company. Gloat’s open-platform approach enables businesses to customize their employee experience and meaningfully centralize workforce data so they’re ready to navigate change at speed, retain critical skillsets, and design a future-fit workforce.





Name: GoCoach

Organizational Purpose: GoCoach is a full talent development platform that provides learning, engagement and performance with our blended learning environment of our coach marketplace and learning experience platform.

Name: GSoft

Organizational Purpose: GSoft is home to a family of software products that lay the groundwork for a better employee experience. Our goal is to make work simpler, kinder, and faster. We build the kind of software that makes work really work. We design our products with a people-first and hybrid workplace mindset. Specifically, with ShareGate, we help IT admins empower users to do their best work in Microsoft 365, while keeping things organized and secure for their organization. With Officevibe, we equip managers and HR leaders with tools to connect with their teams and make work meaningful for everyone. And finally, with Softstart, we assist HR in turning every onboarding into a meaningful, structured, and truly welcoming experience – for them included.

Every day, we are more than 350 passionate employees working together, imagining and delivering on new and better ways to work — at home and in the office. We started in 2006, with one client. Today, we’re trusted by over 15,000 customers in 110 countries. It’s this support and enthusiasm for what we do that keeps us building the next generation of tools — tools that change work for the better.

Internal Communications and Employee Engagement isn’t something we offer as an add-on. It’s our speciality. Our heartland.

And there are tons of ways we’ll help you supercharge yours. Everything we do is underpinned by science. Inspired by insight. Bursting with creativity. All wrapped up with a dollop of common sense. We’ll make sure your people get the stuff that matters. Understand it. Interact with it. Get excited by it. So whatever you want to achieve, we’ll create a plan that works. Tailor-made for you.

Name: Harkn

Organizational Purpose: Harkn exists with the dual purpose of:

1. helping leaders to hear more of what matters in the workplace, and,
2. enabling employees to speak more freely about their experiences, ideas, and challenges.

We make it easy and safe for people to share their feelings, opinions, ideas, and feedback, which means people share more and sooner than they otherwise might, and management hears more of what they need to know when they need to know it (when it’s happening).

We make the insights available immediately, as transparent as possible, and actionable in various ways to increase ownership, support, engagement, and connection throughout organisations.

Harkn’s unique check-in routine provides real-time insights regarding employee sentiment and morale whilst also using clever algorithms to monitor the workforce for signs of emerging decline or distress to prevent individuals from spiralling into crisis.

HelloHalo Intranet




Name: HelloHalo Intranet

Halo is a powerful and accessible solution that helps your business to improve communication, bring remote teams together, and promote employee wellbeing.

Name: Humanly

Organizational Purpose: Humanly’s purpose is to empower companies to hire and retain efficiently at scale while simultaneously improving the equitability, empathy, and consistency of the candidate and employee experience.

It’s our mission to help companies and candidates be successful through innovative technology, commitment, and fairness.

Our chat technology automates imperative recruiting tasks, which improves consistency and removes, or significantly reduces bias, from several steps in the hiring process. Our conversation intelligence platform evaluates interviewers to ensure structured interview processes are upheld and that interviewers are treating all candidates fairly.

We do not see technology as a replacement for humans in all aspects of recruiting and HR, we see it as a way for these humans to do more than what is Humanly possible. By digitizing repetitive tasks, we can make more time for meaningful human interactions.

Name: isolved

Organizational Purpose: isolved is a people-first human capital management company whose sole vision is to enable customers to exceed their goals through transformational employee experience. We do this by providing software and services across talent management, HR & payroll, workforce management and engagement management with focus on nurturing wellness and wellbeing across financial, physical, spiritual and educational wellbeing.

Our solutions and services reach every state, county and strip mall in America. In addition to being leveraged by our own employees, they are delivered directly or through our partner network to more than five million employees and 145,000 employers who use the technology to boost performance, increase productivity, accelerate results and reduce risk. Our customers and partners range from small businesses to household names that you are likely familiar with – from Burger Kings™ and Panera Breads™ you may have eaten at, Bridgestone™ locations you may have bought tires at, and Foodliner™, whose trucks you may have seen on highways delivering food ingredients as the largest bulk food distributor here in the U.S.

Name: Kudos

Organizational Purpose: Kudos recognizes that we all strive to a higher purpose – that people want to reach their full potential and belonging at work. Kudos helps achieve this by giving employees the ability to build high-performance teams through a culture of recognition. Successful businesses realize that employee recognition is key to creating a high-performing, productive workplace culture.

Kudos continues to see an increase in awareness around recognition and culture and its role in motivating employees to increase performance and productivity in a digital and people-centric workforce.



Mindset Management



Name: Medallia

Organizational Purpose: Medallia is the pioneer in Experience Management. Our award-winning SaaS platform, the Medallia Experience Cloud, leads the market in the understanding and management of experience for customers, employees, and citizens. Medallia captures experience signals created on daily journeys in person, on calls, through digital channels, over video and social media, and IoT interactions.

Our proprietary AI technology reveals personalized and predictive insights to drive action for tremendous business results. Companies can reduce turnover, turn disengaged employees into high performers, predict behavioral issues to take quick action, and drive revenue-impacting business decisions.

Name: meQuilibrium

Organizational Purpose: meQ’s mission is to make any workforce a force for growth. We believe that when people become more resilient they can rise in their life and at work, and that organizations rise when people rise together and become not just a workforce, but a force for growth.

To rise above the present and see into the future organizations need to deeply understand the risks and opportunities their people are facing so they can take the actions today that will create better outcomes tomorrow.

meQ isn’t just a wellbeing app, it’s an approach to work that helps companies build cultures of growth. Our proven, comprehensive method digs deep to reveal the root causes of stress and success, helping individuals understand what makes them tick, and what takes them ahead.

We help organizations understand how their people are doing and the preventive actions they can take today, before there’s an issue tomorrow. So together, companies don’t just step forward, but truly rise.

Name: Mindset Management

Organizational Purpose:

Empowering organizations with the developmental and real-time feedback tools to transform & optimize the employee experience at all touchpoints of the employee lifecycle.

Mindset increases Employee Engagement, holistically, by combining Employee Surveys, Personal Engagement Reports, 360’s and Assessments on one platform, providing analytics, insight, and recommended actions to Employees, Managers, Leaders, and Executives.  Mindset makes administration and detailed analysis easy, with our Virtual Structure ™ Org chart technology.  This makes it easy to import your existing org structure, run diagnostic surveys, 360’s and assessments, and view results and analytics according to any desired grouping of people and demographics, including actual, on-the-ground reporting hierarchies, dotted lines, agile project groups, complex business relationships, contingent workers, committees, or any other group.  Streamline your processes, uncover hidden employee insights, and create Holistic Employee Engagement with Mindset and Virtual Structures

Name: OpenBlend

Organizational Purpose: OpenBlend was founded in 2014 to support effective conversations at work. We believe these manager-employee conversations sit at the heart of employee wellbeing, engagement, and performance – and especially in the new world of remote and hybrid work.

The OpenBlend platform empowers organisations to move away from ‘tick-box’ performance management by supporting frequent and effective one-to-ones that cover a breadth of content beyond just performance objectives and ratings. Our platform is purposefully designed to support employees at an individual level, facilitating ongoing coaching and two-way feedback that empowers people to reach their full potential at work.

At OpenBlend, we know that what’s good for people is good for business. We exist to support employees and managers – and by extension, drive tangible business success.

Oyster HR




Name: Oyster HR

Organizational Purpose: Founded by Tony Jamous and Jack Mardack in January 2020, Oyster’s global employment platform helps companies everywhere hire people anywhere by making it easy for employers to manage HR and payroll, and automate compliance across 180+ countries—all in one place. Oyster offers solutions for: global payroll, benefits including online enrollment to Oyster Health, equity packages for global teams, localized, compliant contracts in a few clicks, and 100 percent digital employee onboarding.

As an impact-driven company, Oyster is committed to correcting the inherent unfairness of the geographical birth lottery. Oyster removes the barriers to cross border employment so that companies can tap into the global talent pool, and talented people can pursue their career no matter where they live.

Name: Pando

Organizational Purpose:

Pando is the first employee performance platform to bring equity, transparency, and accountability to career development and promotions. Through built-in levels and competencies, Pando makes feedback, performance assessment, and career progression actionable, iterative, and continuous–removing the need for laborious review cycles. Pando is where employees come to grow.

We believe that structured, transparent and actionable career frameworks drive equity, empower teams and create purpose for all employees. At Pando, we believe in democratizing career progression by leveling the playing field and giving all employees control over their development path.

Name: Pathstream

Organizational Purpose: At Pathstream, we believe that every individual should have access to the digital skills needed to succeed in the modern economy. We’re on a mission to create effective and accessible career pathways to turn today’s frontline workers into tomorrow’s future-ready talent.

We work with frontline, customer-facing employees because we believe that this workforce is an untapped source of talent at many organizations. Our extensive work upskilling thousands of frontline workers means we understand better than anyone what hidden transferable skills these employees have and what unique support and training they need to grow.

Pathstream is a career mobility platform that helps companies attract, retain, and develop employees, with a particular emphasis on employees in frontline and other typically high-turnover roles.

Employees in a Pathstream program have a 208% increase in retention compared to those who are not in a program. (data from Amazon case study).
Improved DEI scorecard. 60% of Pathstream learners are women, and 75% are non-white. We help these employees gain valuable skills and prepare them for promotions, diversifying the middle levels of organizations where there is often a diversity cliff.

Name: Paycor

Organizational Purpose: Paycor’s human capital management (HCM) platform modernizes every aspect of people management, from recruiting, onboarding and payroll to career development and retention, but what really sets us apart is our focus on leaders. For more than 30 years, we’ve been listening to and partnering with leaders, so we know what they need: a unified HR platform, easy integration with third party apps, powerful analytics, talent development tools and configurable technology that supports specific industry needs. That’s why more than 29,000 customers trust Paycor to help them solve problems and achieve their goals.

Paycor empowers leaders to find, grow and retain top talent. Companies are increasingly seeking new ways to help their employees grow within their careers, helping them develop, and allowing them to master new skills. Moreover, this unique positioning helps companies attract top talent, drive a strong culture, boost overall retention, and create great places to work. By investing in technology to improve efficiency and save time, Paycor empowers leaders to build winning teams for the future. With Paycor’s robust suite of robust talent development solutions, leaders can build a company culture that positions the company for success while attracting and retaining top talent.


Quantum Workplace



Name: Perceptyx

Organizational Purpose: The nature of work has changed drastically, leaving HR leaders to navigate situations they no longer feel equipped to handle. Difficult decision-making and unfamiliar situations are at the forefront, but without accurate and real-time insight into employee needs, HR leaders risk making disastrous choices.

Perceptyx is an employee listening and people analytics platform that gives employers the continuous, actionable insight they need, well beyond that provided by traditional employee survey tools alone.

Name: Quantum Workplace

Organizational Purpose: Quantum Workplace’s mission is to make work better every day. To do this, the organization provides reliable employee success solutions to forward-thinking, employee- and business-minded leaders. With Quantum Workplace technology, leaders can focus on what matters, managers can become better coaches, and employees can do their best work. Leaders can connect the dots between their people and their business goals with our engagement, performance, and intelligence tools.

Tools like this are crucial to business success because they help employees feel connected, engaged, and empowered in a remote and hybrid work environment. In the ever-changing workplace, organizations need tools to help them build cultures that both attract and retain top talent and in turn, drive business success.

Quantum Workplace’s tools empower leaders in varying industries. The platform is interconnected and all in one place—creating powerful tools for employee and business success.

Quantum Workplace customers measure employee perceptions with engagement, pulse, and lifecycle surveys. With this insight, they can understand what’s working—or not—in the employee experience, uncover workplace opportunities, and take strategic action to propel business success.

Name: Reejig

Organizational Purpose: Reejig is an award-winning workforce intelligence platform that helps enterprises find, mobilize, reskill, and upskill their workforces using the world’s first independently audited Ethical Talent AI.

We believe in a world where every person has access to personally meaningful work, no matter their background or circumstance. Every business can reach new heights financially and culturally as we unlock skills and potential in our people, and society can reap the benefits of diverse thought leadership and fair and equitable opportunity in the working world.

Through Reejig’s workforce intelligence platform, we are actively driving Zero Wasted Potential in people, and business; and in support of the commitment to Zero Wasted Potential in society, we launched the Reejig Impact Initiative in September 2022 to help underrepresented communities unlock career opportunities, growth, and potential.

The Reejig Impact Initiative is committed to helping underrepresented communities unlock career opportunities, growth, and potential. The Reejig Impact Initiative will donate Reejig’s workforce intelligence technology to veteran, skilled refugee and other underrepresented communities, with a goal to reskill, build new capabilities, and remove barriers to career opportunities for all.

Name: RemotelyMe

Organizational Purpose: In the book The Coming Jobs War, Gallup CEO Jim Clifton wrote about a Gallup study to understand the #1 desire of every working adult on the planet. They found it was simply to find and keep “a good job,” defined as the ability to have passion, purpose, and work-life balance. Our passion and purpose is to help individuals achieve this goal, which in turn might help create a more peaceful and collaborative world.

Our world changed dramatically after the pandemic. Remote and hybrid work skyrocketed and is here to stay. We’re hearing about “quiet quitting” and “quiet firing.” Over 99% of businesses are small, and these 50 million firms employ almost half of all workers worldwide. Despite being the backbone of most economies, they are overtaxed and overburdened and fail more often than they should. They struggle to compete against enterprises to find, assess, and entice top candidates. As a veteran-owned small business, our goal is to help other SMBs solve these pervasive problems while also helping fellow veterans and their families thrive professionally.


Socrates AI



Organizational Purpose: has created a skills-based Talent Intelligence Platform, leveraging the power of unbiased AI, to help enterprises hire the right people up to twice as fast and keep the right talent significantly longer.

We have two solutions: Talent Acquisition and Talent Management. Our Talent Acquisition module works to source and screen hundreds of CVs at scale, uncovering and ranking each candidate’s skills and aptitudes in order to connect them to in-demand positions where they’ll have room to grow. Based entirely on skills-matching, masks demographic and other factors that can invite unintended bias and derail DEI efforts. As a result, our customers can cut time to hire by 55%, boost acceptance rates by 45%, and increase candidate pool diversity by 39%.

Our Talent Management module uses our sophisticated matching engine to connect employees with challenging, stimulating positions in their organization, including roles, projects, mentorship, learning opportunities and gigs. Statistics show that having clear opportunities for growth increases career satisfaction and keeps employees with their employer longer; our customers have been able to increase employee engagement by 62%, internal mobility by 57% and retention by 30%.

Name: Snappy

Organizational Purpose: Founded in 2015, Snappy is an award-winning gifting platform that combines fun, personal gifting experiences with advanced technology that takes the guesswork out of gifting. Snappy’s stance on diversity and inclusion, its active focus on give-back programs, and its fundamental mission to spread happiness through fun, thoughtful gifts leads the way in unlocking the power of human kindness at work.

Snappy’s main purpose is to spread smiles. Not just by giving exciting gifts, but by giving back.

Our platform reduces the carbon footprint of the gifting industry by allowing recipients to pick alternative gifts if the selected item doesn’t hit the mark – reducing waste and return shipping. Snappy gift recipients keep 99.5 percent of the gifts they receive. Snappy also works with minority owned businesses – featuring gifts from businesses that might otherwise not have access to hundreds of thousands of customers through a single partnership. This allows small businesses to thrive and celebrates a more diverse, sustainable and inclusive world.

In only 8 months, Snappy reached a donation milestone of $1 million to Make-A-Wish through our gifting platform, which equates to hundreds of life-changing wishes for children battling critical illnesses. This milestone was made possible by the support of Snappy’s ever-growing community of over 2,600 customers and the generosity of their gift recipients, who chose to donate the value of their gift to Make-A-Wish through the Snappy platform providing hope for children and their families.

Name: Socrates AI

Organizational Purpose: The new employee experience is the “digital” employee experience (EX), with technology playing a vital role in supporting employees in the moments that matter. But, with an average of 288 apps per employee in an enterprise company, creating a unified experience is harder than ever. Businesses will face new challenges considering an impending recession, making quantifiable metrics for program investments essential.

The goal for Socrates AI is to bring digital EX to the next level – and it’s not limited to only HR and Benefits. Employees today want information about the company as a whole – and an organization’s EX platform needs to reflect that. Enterprise companies, like Kimberly-Clark and Ciena, already use Socrates conversational virtual assistant with AI automation to consolidate the digital EX and deliver quantifiable results through increased productivity and Tier 0 resolution.

Name: Staffbase

Organizational Purpose: Staffbase is the leading provider of Employee Communications Management technology. We provide highly effective channels for reaching employees with company communications, tied together by a platform with all the tools internal communications teams need to manage company communications.

Our core belief is that communication moves people, and people move companies. Our mission is to empower leaders and communicators to drive transformation through internal comms insights, strategies, and solutions. In today’s fast-paced world companies are being forced to adapt and shift strategies in response to unprecedented changes. We believe people are the key to making those transformative endeavors possible – if employees don’t connect to the organization, it will fail. That’s where employee communication comes in. No other business unit has the potential to impact the internal narrative and guide people as much as internal communications.




Vantage Circle

Name: Storians


Organizational Purpose: Changing the way people feel, through the power of storytelling.

Name: Strivr

Organizational Purpose: The Strivr platform was built to elevate performance through immersive experience. Their suite of products and services ensures a smooth and effective upgrade to Virtual Reality (VR).

Strivr was founded in 2015 in Stanford University’s Virtual Human Interaction Lab. Co-founders Derek Belch and Jeremy Bailenson started with the football field as a proving ground and have since expanded from the athlete to the enterprise, bringing VR-based Immersive Learning to over a million employees across the Fortune 1000.

Name: Tatio

Organizational Purpose: TaTiO matches companies and job seekers based on their proven competencies and not the stories in their resumes. Increase employee engagement, reduce hiring bias, and access an untapped pool of candidates in a way you’ve never seen before.

Name: Vantage Circle

Organizational Purpose: Vantage Circle is an all-in-one employee engagement platform that combines four powerful AI and SaaS-based solutions to engage employees, namely— rewards and recognition, employee perks, employee feedback, and employee wellness. Vantage Circle is based on the simple idea of making employee engagement more powerful yet easier to run, manage, and track.
Vantage Circle’s core philosophy is that happy employees make a huge difference in even the smallest of businesses. Vantage Circle serves a diverse range of businesses, including small, large, medium, and global enterprises, as well as startups. Vantage Circle relies on a few key features to serve such a diverse clientele. Here are a few examples of these features:

Intelligent Frameworks: Vantage Circle’s platform is powered by intelligent frameworks such as SOLI, which allows us to fairly and instant reward any distributed team, and the AIRe framework, a powerful tool that provides businesses with a starting point for building a solid foundation for their recognition program.

Virgin Pulse

Work Tango


Name: Virgin Pulse

Organizational Purpose: Virgin Pulse is the world’s largest comprehensive digital health activation and engagement company, reaching more than 150 million people to drive health actions and support them as they create healthy habits they stick with every day. We are a single destination for people to manage their health and total wellbeing as well as the driving force that gets people to take a specific action, whether it’s taking action to close a health gap, adhere to a care plan, or get more active.

Virgin Pulse enables companies to provide their employees with personalized, gamified, AI-driven health and wellbeing tools and resources, delivering higher utilization and engagement, and improving the overall employee experience – our data shows that employee turnover is 48% lower for Virgin Pulse users vs nonusers. Leading the industry in driving ongoing and meaningful engagement, Virgin Pulse leverages a proprietary combination of behavior science, data on over 275 million people, and incentives that are fun and motivating for employees to create healthy, lasting habits.

Our Homebase for Health® platform serves as a one-stop-shop for all things health, wellbeing, and navigation, providing employers and health plans with a total solution that drives outcomes for their business and their people. It streamlines access to the resources and tools employees need to build lasting, healthy behaviors.

Name: Work Tango

Organizational Purpose:Engage, inspire and retain your employees with WorkTango.
Discover Employee Recognition & Rewards, Employee Surveys & Insights, and Goals & Feedback – available individually or bundled within WorkTango’s holistic Employee Experience platform.

Name: WorkBuzz

Organizational Purpose: WorkBuzz helps organisations create cultures where every voice matters and every person can be their best. Our vision is to help improve the working lives of one million people.

With generational changes to how the world works, a wellbeing crisis, and 500,000 fewer people in the UK labour market, we believe there’s never been a more important time to listen to employees, involve them in shaping change, and empower HR with data-driven insights to influence business strategy.

Hundreds of organisations across the private, public and third sectors use WorkBuzz to give their employees a voice, using our AI-powered insights and dedicated People Scientists to deliver world-class employee experiences and drive measurable business outcomes.

Our smallest client has 6 employees; our largest 50k. By helping these organisations tangibly improve engagement levels, we quantify progress towards our vision.