Measuring the Employee Experience at Peloton, an Inspiring Workplace

The employee experience (EX) captures what individuals encounter and observe over the course of their tenure at your organization. Within each stage are key moments that will impact their experience at the company. When companies get the employee experience right it leads to a more connected culture and more productive people.

Join Culture Amp as our Work Culture Evangelist, Damon Klotz will discuss how to map the employee experience journey during a fireside chat discussion with Peloton’s SVP of Global Talent, Barb Bidan.

You will learn:

  • How your organizational values and structure impact EX
  • The key moments that affect an employee’s experience at your organization
  • How to prioritize the stages that have the highest impact for your organizational strategy
  • How to strengthen your organization’s culture

Damon Klotz

Work Culture Evangelist

Culture Amp

30  July 2020

Damon Klotz has spent his career working at the intersection of people & technology. He joined Culture Amp as one of the first employees where he scaled their community to one of the largest in the world and helped grow the employee and customer base by over 2500%. As Culture Amp’s first Work Culture Evangelist he represents what’s possible within People & Culture through storytelling, consulting, coaching, strategy execution and thought leadership. 

As the host of The Culture First Podcast Damon interviews people like Esther Perel, Claude Silver, Adam Grant & Simon Sinek to have conversations about why a better world of work can exist, focusing on workplace culture as the lever for change. 

Barb Bidan

SVP, Global Talent


30  July 2020
Barb is an experienced human resources leader and currently oversees the world-class people programs for Talent Attraction, Total Rewards, Diversity, Equity & Belonging; Talent Management, Learning & Development, People Technology & Analytics and Team Member Experience & Culture at Peloton. In her role, she led Peloton’s transition to remote work, drawing on her experience leading fully-distributed and virtual tech companies.
Before coming to Peloton, Barb transformed and grew teams for global brands including InVision, Yahoo, and Indeed. She consistently delivers high-impact, measurable business results across a range of industries.


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