Thriving in the new normal

In this session we will share findings of our latest research of employees and decision makers during COVID-19 to uncover the state of the employee experience, the impact of the pandemic and the key challenges that organisations now face. We will highlight the good practices that companies have adopted, and consider strategies for motivating and engaging employees in the new world of work.

Kate Pritchard

Head of Engagement & Leadership


5 August 2020

Kate is an employee engagement expert and leadership coach passionate about helping organisations create great workplaces where employees thrive and performance accelerates. Kate enables clients to create an engaging culture and improve performance through employee research and insights, leadership coaching, team facilitation and training workshops. She has 20 years’ experience in the field of employee engagement, research and consultancy, working with a wide range of organisations to improve the employee experience.


The Inspiring Workplaces Summer Series is a free month long event of case studies and influencer talks. – Breaking the monotony of our lockdown routine into daily bitesize chunks.

From July 6th, each weekday, at the same time and same place, we will be putting on an award winning case study or inspiring influencer talks for you to view, engage with and learn from.

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