Whilst we are a global community of Inspirers. We want to create hundreds of local communities around the world. Driven by you. They will be city-wide – Inspire: London; Inspire: NYC; Inspire: Johannesburg etc.

These city-wide communities will become a source of strength, knowledge, and inspiration so we can change the world through your world of work.

We each have own sphere influence but together we’re stronger and our impact is greater.

The experience

We are so excited at the new event format we have created for Inspire: City.

Events will be in-person (once we get back there) but can begin as virtual events during these times. They follow a simple philosophy:

Every 2 months

there will be an event in each city

2 hours

is the maximum event time

Mindfulness session

to get everyone in an inspiring state of mind

Seated facing inwards

at the host, not staring at a screen

4 storytellers

chosen ahead of time

Submit your story

leading up to the event

5 minutes to share

followed by groups discussions


for as many people who want to share

Shared with inspirers

via video on our global community