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Power Hour Session 6.
People Experience – Defining
the future of employee experience

December 6, 2023

Meet the Speakers

  • Rob is WorkTango’s co-founder and Chief Strategy Officer and has spent the last 18 years building HR Technology and advisory companies. Rob was on the founding team at Achievers, where he spent 10+ years growing the organization and his passion for improving the employee experience led him to co-founding WorkTango in 2015 to help companies collect and act on authentic employee feedback. He was named one of the 100 Top Global Employee Engagement Influencers each year between 2017 and 2020 and has had the privilege of speaking to HR leaders in over 40 cities.  He is an avid hockey and volleyball player, traveler, used to play guitar in a metal band, and in his own terms a ‘pointaholic’ – he collects loyalty points for everything and anything! You can reach him at [email protected] or @RobCatalano on twitter.

    Rob Catalano
    Chief Engagement Officer

  • Michael is a self-proclaimed people geek, fascinated and driven by all-things customer service. With 20 years’ experience working in the employee benefits and tech industries, Michael has worked to build and manage customer teams across both the UK and US and now heads up everything customer-related at Benefex.

    Michael Tigwell
    Chief Operating Officer


  • 4pm GMT

    Intro from…

    Matt Manners
    Founder and CEO
    Inspiring Workplaces

  • 4:05pm GMT

    A talk from..

    Steph Ryter
    Creative Culture Leader

    Creating an Award Winning People Experience

  • 4:15pm GMT

    A talk from..

    Rob Catalano
    Chief Engagement Officer

    The evolution from measuring employee engagement to improving the employee experience.

    For decades, organizations have focused on building a better employee experience by measuring employee engagement through a survey once a year and acting accordingly.  This session will share the evolution of employee surveys and how companies are inspiring action and improving engagement and retention of employees.

  • 4:25 GMT

    A talk from..

    Michael Tigwell
    Chief Operating Officer

    Technology and the personalised employee experience

    The rapidly changing technology landscape is providing exciting new opportunities for us all. Michael Tigwell, Chief Operating Officer at Benefex, will take about how personalisation is eating choice for breakfast, as technology serves up more ways for us to create hyper-personalised employee experiences, across benefits, culture, wellbeing and reward.

  • 4:35 GMT


  • 5pm GMT


About the event

The Inspiring Workplaces Power hour is a 7 part series of themed online sessions delivering key insights, inspiration, advice and knowledge from industry experts. 1 hour long virtual sessions to inject energy into your day.

Join us for our sixth Power Hour of the series: People Experience – Defining the future of employee experience.

Companies should now look to provide customized experiences tailored to the individual needs and preferences of their employees, with a focus on creating a positive work environment and promoting work-life balance. This may include offering flexible work arrangements, such as remote work options, as well as training and development opportunities. By focusing on the employee experience, companies can attract and retain top talent, increase employee wellbeing, and foster a culture of innovation and belonging.

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