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The Workplace Inspirathon

  • January 20 to January 21, 2021 GMT
  • Online Livestream

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To view the live stream, you will need to have booked and be logged in to your account. Once booked and logged in, the live stream will appear here.
  • Event Start time:
    • Australasia: 8:30am Australian Eastern Daylight Time (Sydney)
    • Asia: 5:30am Singapore Standard Time
    • EMEA – Africa & Europe: Tuesday 19th 10:30pm West Africa Standard Time (Lagos)
    • EMEA – UK: Tuesday 19th 9:30pm Greenwich Mean Time (London)
    • North America: Tuesday 19th 4:30pm Eastern Daylight Time (New York City)
  • Region Start times:
    • Australasia: 8:30am Australian Eastern Daylight Time (Sydney)
    • Asia: 11am Singapore Standard Time
    • EMEA – Africa & Europe: 8:30am West Africa Standard Time (Lagos)
    • EMEA – UK: 12pm Greenwich Mean Time (London)
    • North America: 12:30pm Eastern Daylight Time (New York City)

You can ask questions and leave comments during the presentation in the chat window below the live stream too.

The Workplace Inspiration is a free 24-hour non-stop virtual event designed to give you the confidence, tools and options to make 2021 the year you create a truly inspiring workplace.

This unique event spans the globe – uniting us through our shared purpose to change the world by improving the world of work. As the 70+ short presentations move from Auckland to New York (local time), you will receive advice tailored to your specific region and the challenges you are currently facing.

You will leave energized, with clarity and control about your options and freedom to choose your next steps in an uncertain world. Everyone who attends will take away ways to make simple changes that have the power to transform their organisation.

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