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Milton Keynes (MK) is one of the UK’s fastest-growing ‘cities’ (though it’s officially still a town), home to some amazing businesses and, we think, set to become even more important in the post-pandemic economy.

We’re really excited about being part of Inspire:Cities. We’ve spent so long cooped up at home and while we love a good virtual event, we can’t wait to be in the same room meeting, sharing stories and learning with friends and colleagues. We want Inspire:MK to become a community of people with a shared interest in transforming the experience of people at work; a place where you can come to connect with other professionals and explore topics that are relevant to you.

Our first event will focus on the theme of building inclusive cultures – something that we see as essential to organisations that want to thrive in an increasingly complex and uncertain environment.

If you live or work in or near MK, or simply fancy a change of scenery we’d love to see you!

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