Why Inspire:Cities?

At Inspiring Workplaces, we want to change the world, with you, through the world of work. We have begun to do this with our global online movement of inspirers.

Inspire:Cities injects local momentum into the fast-growing global movement.

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Inspire:Cities is targeted at any business owner or professional that has a passion for creating people-first organizations. You could have a focus on wellbeing, experience, HR, brand, internal comms, diversity etc. The common denominator is the desire to improve your workplace and its performance.

  • Do you want to make your organization live and breathe a people-first culture?
  • Do you want to collaborate and learn from your peers in an inclusive environment?
  • Do you want to build bonds within your local professional community?
  • Do you want to belong to a global movement but have impact locally?
  • Do you want to be inspired by one another, by our stories, our successes, our failures?

If you have answered yes to just one of those questions, Inspire:Cities is for you. Find your city now.

What is Inspire:Cities?

At the heart of the Inspire: Cities activity is a unique face-to-face event concept that is designed to inspire a change in the mindset of one person, workplace and city at a time.

Everyone that joins a city community must also join the free global movement of ‘Inspirers’ – making them part of change for good at both a local and global level.

After more than a year in a world starved of human contact, IW is putting the individual at the heart of the Inspire:Cities events – just as they should be in the workplace. No decks, presentations, slides, handouts.

The whole purpose is to connect with likeminded professionals, learn and affect change in your sphere of influence.

We want to replicate how workplaces should be by actively listening, giving people a voice & making it more human. No distractions, just a focus on storytelling and action. The events will follow the simple philosophy of:

We have devised a brand-new type of event for you (over 18 months ago) but have had to wait to bring it to the world.

Imagine Clubhouse but face-to-face. We have stripped it all back. We want the focus to be on you, the people at the event. To truly listen. Not to be distracted by technology, slides, alerts and notifications. Making real, long-lasting connections.

The lost of art of storytelling – building trust

Since human beings have been walking the earth, we have been a species of storytellers. Passing stories from generation to generation. Sharing stories has long been a way for us to inform, inspire, excite, drive change, get to know each other. Along the way, we have lost that critical human element by focusing on things like the soul sapping PowerPoint.

As our Chief Story Artist, Fiona Hiscocks of Thrive Change, explains within her 5 Dimensions of Storytelling below, sharing stories enable us to build trust and empathy. One of the key priorities for any workplace that wants to create a true people-first culture.

Enter The Inspire Ring™

So at Inspire:Cities events we will follow the format of:

  • No screens, no presentations, no distractions – just the storyteller
  • Our Chief Inspiration Officer starts off the event with 5 minutes of mindfulness
  • A Storyteller shares their experiences for 10 minutes
  • The group then ask questions, converse for 10 minutes
  • Repeat four times making events last approximately 90 minutes

Uniquely, the event takes place in The Inspire Ring™ – a circular set-up,  where everyone is equal, providing an intimate and energetic learning environment. Networking will follow afterwards.

Local learning but shared globally

Whilst events are face-to-face, Inspire:Cities will be publishing stories, supporting content and interviews with people online so we can all learn from each other around the world too. We can’t stress enough the importance of driving positive change together but recognizing the differences that exist within our own communities too.