Inspiring Workplace Vendor

About this category

This award focuses on the efforts and achievements of an external vendor (technology/software/analytics etc) that aims to bring inspiration into the forefront of a business for its customers. The vendor aims to deliver their specific expert skills to the benefit of their clients and its employees.

Looking for elements such as:

  • Strategy (intention and planning)
  • Measurable impact
  • Demonstrated impact (story)


  • Investment in the discipline: this covers items such as growth in fees, growth in headcount, targeted hires to improve capabilities in EE, growth in clients etc.
  • Results: the tangible results delivered for two clients, that proves the business value delivered
  • Innovation: this needs to show very clear service development in new or improved services for employee engagement
  • Role model: this needs to demonstrate a commitment to employee engagement, by practising what you preach
Past Winners