Inspiring Use of Technology

About this category

This award recognises the use of technology to support and drive inspiration and will be looking for a people-first approach to using technology effectively rather than a technology-first approach. Entries that can quantify the measurable impact of the technology on inspiration and how the organization has gained employee uptake will be looked upon favourably.

Looking for elements such as:

  • Application of technology to Engagement
  • Strategy (intention and planning)
  • Measurable impact
  • Demonstrated impact (story)


  • Please describe your organisation’s employee engagement strategy and what role technology plays in that strategy.
  • Please describe how you have successfully applied technology to support or sustain employee engagement. Include details describing the technology, how it works, and why it is critical to engagement.
  • What measurable impact has your application of technology had on employee engagement and retention? Please provide specific details.
  • Please share up to three stories that illustrate the positive impact your employee engagement technologies have had on employee engagement at your organisation.
Past Winners