Inspiring Experience

About this category

The single biggest influence on the customer experience is an organisation’s employees. This can be both a positive and negative influence. By driving and improving the employee experience an organisation can transform its CX and overall business performance against its competitors. This category is dedicated to those that by improving the EX have delivered CX and business transformations.

Looking for elements such as:

  • Alignment of employee engagement to customer experience
  • Clear definitions of employee and customer experience (including how they are measured)
  • Strategy (intention and plan)
  • Measurable impact (number)
  • Demonstrated impact (story)


  • What problem/goal did the project set out to solve/achieve?
  • Describe what you did to make the culture more customer-centric.
  • How did you involve both customer-facing and non-customer-facing employees in the culture change?
  • How has this effort improved the customer and employee experience at your organization?
  • What was the quantifiable business impact and results achieved?
Past Winners