Inspiring Employer Brand

About this category

One of the best ways to inspire staff and keep them inspired year-on-year is to connect them to the organization brand, culture and values. This award will recognise the businesses that can demonstrate they have an excellent employer brand strategy, which delivers: proof of measurable benefits to the business, engagement of key stakeholders within the business, impact & understanding of messaging and positioning across workforce etc.

Looking for elements such as:

  • Clarity of definition of Employer Brand
  • Execution of employer brand program (details)
  • Measurable Impact (how it’s measured and actual outcomes)
  • Demonstrated Impact


  • How does your organization define “employer brand” and why is it important to your organization?
  • Please describe your employer brand strategy and execution. Include details about the specific programs, processes, or technology used.
  • How do you measure the impact of your employer branding efforts? What measurable impact have you achieved? Please provide specific details.
  • Please describe how employee input and feedback has been used in both the design and ongoing maintenance of your program. Please share specific examples of how this feedback shaped your approach.
  • Please share up to three stories that illustrate the positive impact your employer branding efforts have had on your organization.
Past Winners