Tell a Powerful Story of Impact

  • Make sure you tell the story. Be clear and concise. Remember our judges don’t know you, your business or your project – so share insights and the story not just the stats so that you wow the judges!

Avoid Jargon

  • Plain English enables judges to clearly understand all sections of the entry, with supporting evidence uploaded.

Business Case – Tangible Results

  • Indicate how the project links to Employee Engagement for the betterment of the business. Set out what the goals of the campaign were and ensure that you provide credible proof that you delivered,or even surpassed those goals. A clear ROI will always be seen in a positive light by our judges.

Bring it to Life

  • Do you have any materials that can bring the entry to life?Make it more real&human?Videos; images;leaflets;websites&testimonials. Upload JPEG or PDFs documenting impact.