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Playing from the heart

A 10 week online programme with homework, reflection and application in between.

[email protected]

A 12 week online programme with homework, reflection and application in between.


For any team who are serious about setting new standards in team performance, whatever the conditions.

It’s time to change the way we play the game.

To redefine how people engage with work, effort, ambition and performance.

To play from the heart takes love and bravery, challenge and care, ambition and perspective.

When there is no finish line, we owe it to ourselves to perform with meaning, to ensure we’re fit for purpose. 

This new and unique 10 week long programme, will re-programme your thinking. It is fully online and supported by the power of The Performance Room.

In 2003 we ran the first ever [email protected]™ programme and now in 2020, you can access all of the power of this programme in a dynamic and game changing virtual version.

Delivered worldwide, from CEO’s to new starters, we’ve been helping people change their performance at work.

This programme is built upon the fundamentals of excellence that have delivered Olympic success and it’s been consistently refined to be fully relevant in the even more competitive world of business

This unique, 12 week programme is fully online and supported by the power of The Performance Room.

The eliteteam® programme is designed to help your team exploit its potential and become truly high performing.

Key questions:

  1. What value would be lost if your team disbanded over and above the value of individual players?
  2. If we were to ask every person on your team, why you exist as a team, how confident are you we’d get the same or at least similar answers?

On this programme your team won’t walk over hot coals holding hands together. We’ve seen little need for this in most businesses we’ve worked in. They will get what we’ve learned from our work with great teams in both the sporting and business world and bring these concepts to life for them.


Elite athletes and world class coaches know a lot about high performance, because they practice so much to compete relatively little. We take the science behind what these people know – from both our own heritage working with world class athletes at six Olympic and Paralympic games as well as our work with global businesses – and we bring it to life with coaches who love expertly applying ideas to every high performance arena.

We’re experts in human performance i.e. ,the practice of what enables human-beings individually and collectively to consistently perform at the top end of their ability. When we work together we’ll bring every bit of our passion, energy, expertise and experience. We’re counting on you to do the same, so that what we create is technically brilliant, tactically robust and absolutely right for you.

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“Our work over the last few years on high performance culture with PlanetK2 has helped the whole team engage in the most positive way with our external wholesale partners, as well as collaborating ever better within the team as a whole. From an already high performing base, we’ve refined our recipe and are still growing in confidence, which is clearly played out in our performance and results.”

Phil Benton – Sales Director – adidas Group | UK and Ireland

“PlanetK2 were very good at challenging us, and not afraid to ask really tough questions. We learnt if you have the right performance input, the results will look after themselves.”

Chris Voller – Claims Director – AXA

“Working with PlanetK2 gave me a clear understanding of the challenges I needed to prioritise to be successful in my leadership role. I learnt how effective it was to focus on performance over results only. I praise the PlanetK2 team with managing the mix of nationalities, languages and cultures of our diverse team.”

Lisa Montague – CEO – Loewe

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