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The SPOT On™ Success Profile

THE KEY to help you hire well the first time and hold staff accountable for great performance.


Mind Reading for Managers

The only solution you will need for a highly motivated, engaged – and profitable workforce

The SPOT On Hiring System™

Hire well the first time through this step by step hiring process based on over 15 years of recruitment experience and thousands of interviews personally conducted and debriefed with hiring managers and candidates.

For more information click here. Inspirers get 10% off of all training with the code IW10.

For more information click here. Inspirers get 10% off of all training with the code IW10

For more information click here. Inspirers get 10% off of all training with the code IW10

Ignite Global

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✅ Beat your average company employee engagement scores by 23 points,

✅ Reduce staff rework by 10%,

✅ Increase employee engagement and productivity by 33%,

✅ Reduce employee turnover by 15%,

✅ Not have to worry about what your remote staff is doing all day,

✅ Connect with your team so that you knew, beyond a shadow of a doubt, what they needed to perform at their best – eliminating the need to rely on those sweaty-palm inducing crucial conversations?

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We help future-focused organizations with PRACTICAL, research based solutions.

Our services:

? Hire well the first time with our SPOT On Hiring System™ – saving you time, money and frustration.

? Understand and deliver what your team needs to be fully engaged and profitable with our Mind Reading for Managers® program – we take the guesswork out of it for you.

? Help you fully prepare for the Future (NOW) of Work.

? Strategic planning and facilitation with C Suites or Boards of Directors.

Our practical solutions based on:

? Extensive participation in Sir Richard Branson’s 100% Human at Work initiative allows me to share leading-edge strategies from best in class organizations.

? Reverse engineering over 5,000 exit interviews, which means you don’t have to guess what your employees need to be highly motivated and productive.

Interested in learning more? We’d love to chat. [email protected]

About KSS

Master storyteller, passionate educator and trend translator, Kim Seeling Smith helps business leaders move from disruptable to indestructible in the post-pandemic world.

Kim is THE Now of Work expert (because the Future of Work arrived on Friday the 13th of March 2020 with Covid-19).

She has literally had a seat at the table with Sir Richard Branson, launched her book, Mind Reading for Managers at SXSW, co-wrote a book with mega author Brian Tracy, was named one of the Top 101 Global Influencers on Employee Engagement and was one of the few non-technical presenters to be included in the 2020 Atlassian Summit as Covid forced it to move from live to online.

A recovering, KPMG trained CPA, Kim has run an internationally recognized consulting firm since 2009. Prior to that she managed globally ranked recruitment teams and has personally conducted over 5,000 exit interviews.

You will frequently see Kim on The Today Show, in Forbes, CNBC Online, the Australian Financial Review, the Sydney Morning Herald and many other print and radio media outlets.

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“I appreciate Kim’s ability to break down complex concepts into understandable, relatable and practical models and frameworks that we can all apply directly to finding and keeping good people – something that doesn’t come naturally to our engineers.”

Jamie Shelton, CEO Northrop Consulting Engineers

“The quality of your program is excellent and equal to anything I have seen in the market. However, it is your commitment, professionalism, and passion that was far beyond my expectations and what made the experience such a positive one for all. You have established an excellent rapport with the Foodco team, so much so that they think of you as one of the staff!”

Serge Infanti, Managing Director at Foodco Group (Muffin Break, Jamaica Blue, Dreamy Donuts)

I reflect on all of our interactions and I have always felt that when we are working on something together we have your undivided attention and commitment. You bring your vast and varied expertise to the table in a value adding non judging manner and your positive nature is not only uplifting but infectious. There is not one interaction that we have had (which has now been many) that I can honestly say that I do not feel this way about our connection. A true gift.”

Kaylene Little, Head of People and Communities, Tassal Group, Limited

“Your stuff is GOLD! We ended up hiring someone who is perfect. Normally, we would have hired one of the other two guys we were looking at. But after writing out the SPOT On™  we realized he was the right choice. [We also offered] one of the other guys who had a solid sales background a BDM role. [we followed the SPOT On™ method] and he flipped. So, we decided not to hire him. [This saved us] a $90k base salary [and] a nightmare couple of months working with someone who didn’t want to do the work. Everyone in the company is in awe. [We finally have a system that works] So THANK YOU.”

Leela Cosgrove, CEO, Strategic Anarchy

“The Ignite team have delivered several training courses to our management group. On each occasion the feedback received has been fantastic, with the course exceeding expectations. Ignite’s training is both informative and engaging, inspiring participants to utilise the tools and techniques presented. Kim is an exceptional presenter who is impressive in her delivery and shares a wealth of knowledge within her field of expertise.”

Daniela Burton, Human Resources Advisor


Inspirers get 10% off all training

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