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Inclusive Leadership

You may have heard the phrase, ‘power corrupts, and absolute power corrupts absolutely’ (Lord Acton).

Creating an Inclusive Culture

Imagine two people are asked the same question about their future in your organisation… 

Redefining Unconscious Bias to Conscious Inclusion

We have all heard of how destructive unconscious bias can be in excluding ‘the right talent’ from our organisations…

Reverse Mentoring Programmes

Reverse mentoring is an effective way to build genuine awareness of the barriers and bias faced by underrepresented groups or junior staff members. 

We’ll present a slightly different picture in which power can be channelled through the tool of inclusive leadership to empower an inclusive organisational culture.

This programme will cover:

  • What makes an inclusive leader?
  • The principals of inclusive leadership
  • The cost of disregarding Inclusive leadership
  • Mechanisms for building Inclusive leadership into your organisational DNA

Their responses will be shaped by their experience of the prevailing culture and these can be very different.  If you have an inclusive organisational mindset, you’ll find that everyone is able to paint a similar picture that gravitates towards the direction of the organisational strategy and business plans, whilst still maintaining their individual identify.

This programme will cover:

  • The business impact of creating an inclusive culture 
  • Unpack the barriers to inclusion including personal and organisational bias, systems, practices and processes 
  • Individual assessment on the principles of inclusive leadership and the impact on your culture 
  • Deeper insights in how to build an inclusive culture that enables everyone to fulfil their full potential 

Imagine how much innovation and creativity will be inspired by teams who look like each other, talk like each other and behave in the same way as each other. When individual team members behave differently to the invisible norms established by the majority team culture they are often branded as not being team players, and often ostracised for being different.

What is it that causes disparity of treatment of people?  What can you do to recognise and more effectively manage both yours and others’ unconscious biases?

This programme will cover:

  • Explore the basis for unconscious bias (the what, the why, and the how)
  • Identify some of the more common bias that play out in the workplace everyday
  • Understand how to mitigate the impact of common types of bias
  • Build an action plan to reduce the impact of bias on your actions and decisions

Organisations and leaders can demonstrate their commitment to increasing representation and retentions by taking time to get to know employees they may otherwise have no interactions with. By building an understanding of their mentee’s point of view, reverse mentoring can challenge established hierarchies and foster a culture where all experiences, skills and ideas are leveraged. Successful implementation of reverse mentoring improves engagement, experience and retention for any diversity strand it is applied to.

The programme will cover:

  • The principles of reverse mentoring – how to get the best from it
  • The role of a mentor
  • The role of a mentee
  • Conducting your sessions – the why, the what and the how
  • Building an action plan as a result of your mentoring sessions

Diversity Marketplace

Diversity Marketplace is here to demystify diversity and offer practical solutions towards Inclusion. We’ll help you grow a thriving diversity culture and add value to your business. Just like people, organisations are all different, and so our solutions can be tailored to suit your individual circumstances, challenges, and goals. Think of your workforce as a garden – it needs nurturing and supporting if it’s to grow to its full potential. Using our unique range of products and services, you’ll be able to implement a diversity strategy to be proud of – one that really works. Since our inception in 2005, we have been helping clients diagnose their challenges around Diversity and Inclusion and provide solutions to suit their individual needs.

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