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Modules we offer

Mental Health Masterclass

We look at how we can create a kinder culture of trust where managers feel confident to ask employees about their wellbeing knowing how this dramatically improves employee energy, productivity, engagement and results.

Managing Mental Health in these Challenging Times

Our mental health has never been so challenged on mass as we struggle to cope with this crisis. In this webinar we look at the best ways of keeping our staff engaged with emphasis on how to stay emotionally connected with our remote workers as we ease them out of lockdown and furlough scenarios.

Building Personal Resilience to cope with the demands of the modern workplace

The key theme of this workshop looks at how we can help employees build their own personal resilience to cope with the modern day demands of the workplace.

Training and Development for Mental Health First Aiders

After their initial two days of training it is important that MHFAs receive ongoing training and development.

Learning outcomes:

  • We explore what it is like to suffer in silence with a mental health issue in the workplace
  • We improve our understanding of how employees learn to disguise their suffering
  • We look to inspire employees to be more open by saying ‘its okay not to be okay’ and to share vulnerabilities
  • We explore lots of ideas of how to create a kinder culture that drives energy levels and improves presenteeism.
  • We look at the importance of using the right language to encourage honest and open conversation about wellbeing.
  • We understand the importance of setting the tone from the top and what we mean by management education.

Learning outcomes:

  • We explore ideas of how to create a kinder culture ‘remotely’ where people are caring, supportive and more empathic of each other’s anxieties.
  • We look at what is considered best practice for managers to inspire employees to remain engaged during exceptionally challenging times.
  • We look at the importance of using the right language to encourage honest and open conversation about wellbeing
  • We look at how you can improve your own levels of personal resilience during challenging times.
  • We look at how to inspire employees to be more open by saying ‘it’s okay not to be okay’ and by sharing our own vulnerabilities


Learning outcomes:

  • We look at the early warning signs of poor mental health and why many perceive it is best to hide how you are feeling from everybody around you
  • You design your own personal resilience tool kit that will help you to sustain and drive your energy levels
  • We gain an understanding of how to deal with heightened anxiety and stress and share coping strategies that can actually enhance your skills in the workplace
  • We look at how you inspire others when you share your own vulnerability and make it easier for them to share how they are really feeling
  • We look at the culture within your own organisation and discuss the steps we can all take to help create healthier stigma environments within our workplaces.

This one day workshop will provide the following learning outcomes:

  • We build their confidence in having mental health conversations when approached by an employee by introducing a five step framework being used successfully throughout the UK
  • We improve their skills in opening up a conversation with an employee who is clearly suffering in silence and currently unwilling to talk about their wellbeing
  • We look at what is currently working really well for MHFAs in other companies and organisations
  • We look at the best ways they can support their business in creating a stigma free culture but re-clarify the scope and boundaries of their role
  • I use my experience as a mental health counsellor to help them understand how you build trust and the importance of knowing when and how to disclose appropriately

Breaking the Silence

Research shows that mental health problems in the workplace cost UK employers £26 billion per year, averaging £1,035 per employee. Whilst mental health & support are now being recognised by such great organisations as The Royal Foundation, we find that mental health in the workplace is something that still needs bringing to the forefront of people’s minds. David Beeney suffered for over thirty years, not wanting to tell his colleagues or employer that he was battling mental health problems; believing that it would damage his career, he was embarrassed and scared of the potential consequences. David is now using his experience, commercial background and business knowledge to help organisations implement mental health & wellbeing strategies within the workplace.

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